Why Choose Mike Fitzgerald as the Mediator?

Why Use Mike Fitzgerald as the Mediator?


Parties to disputes usually can’t comprehend the loss of productive time, unexpected costs and an ending stress of a legal battle. Having litigated many business, employment and personal disputes, Mike feels strongly that all adversaries should avoid the time, expense and emotion of the court system, if at all possible. In his experience, it is often difficult for the lawyer, the “hired gun”, to educate the client about the disadvantages of a trial without appearing to be “gun shy.” Mike is a mediator who can do that. He believes that a settlement self-determined by the parties is inherently superior to a decision imposed by a judge or jury.

Mike is tenacious in helping parties to seek their own resolution. While he believes in a settlement determined by the parties, Mike is not simply a messenger exchanging proposals. He helps the parties evaluate all aspects of their case and what needs to happen to reach a settlement. His many years of legal experience in many capacities serve him well in that regard.

Mike’s involvement in mediation as an attorney was excellent training to be a mediator. He studied the style and manner of over 20 different mediators resolving a variety of cases. He not only understands the legality of disputes, but also the mediation strategies and tactics that lead to their settlement.

Mike views his work as a mediator as part of the Rotary motto of “service above self”. He is proud of the Outstanding Service awards he has received from UMKC, Jazz Ambassadors and Labor Management Council.