• Mediating Commercial, Business<br />& Employment Disputes, & Litigation

    Mediating Commercial, Business
    & Employment Disputes, & Litigation

Who is Mike Fitzgerald?

34c2286Michael D. Fitzgerald is a lawyer licensed to practice in Kansas and Missouri State and Federal courts and the United States Supreme Court. Currently, Mike is devoting nearly all of his time and experience to dispute resolution. Prior to his retirement from that firm in 2010 , he had been a principal in the Kansas City firm of Van Osdol and Magruder, P.C. for 25 years…
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What does Mike Fitzgerald do?

A long-time advocate of ADR, Mike was first trained as Missouri Rule 17 mediator 20 years ago and recertified in 2009. He is a mediator in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri Mediation and Assessment Program (“MAP”). Following 45 years of wide-ranging legal practice, Mike is familiar with the  objectives and motivation of the parties to most disputes…
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Why choose Mike Fitzgerald as the Mediator?

Parties to disputes usually can’t comprehend the loss of productive time, unexpected costs and an ending stress of a legal battle. Having litigated many business, employment and personal disputes, Mike feels strongly that all adversaries should avoid the time, expense and emotion of the court system, if at all possible. In his experience…
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